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ICOMM - Fix telephony

The terms of access:

1.Accessing ICOMM phone numbers

If you want to use the ICOMM service on your phone at home, without changing the number / network, you can call directly using a number of direct access. The service is accessible either by authorizing your current number, either by allocating a PIN code. Using your PIN code you can have access to ICOMM service from any phone that works in "tone".

2. By automatically dialing the access phone numbers with a dialer device- provided and installed free of charge

The dialer is a telecommunications' device that connects the user's phone and phone line. The dialer simplifies the service use through the access numbers, because it automatically dials the access number and / or your PIN code . All you have to decide is what type of calls you want to route through our network: intercity, mobile or international.

3. PBX setup

This is a solution for companies who have his own PBX. If the version of software from your PBX allow, re-directing calls selected by ICOMM service will be scheduled and you can make the calls without any other changes. All you have to decide is what types of calls you want to routed through our network: intercity, mobile or international.

4.By direct line

In case the volume of calls is high, the best option is to install a direct line. In this way you never need to formate the CSC, because you will be permanently connected, obtaining tone immediately you pick up the phone. In addition, you can get significant price's discounts for your company's important destinations.
In this case we will provide a direct line, through which you not only can make calls, but also receive.