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>> Secured Email
>> Non-stop Access
>> Broadband Internet
>> Virtual Private Network
>> Network security LAN/WAN

icomm - Virtual Private Network

Based on the investment made by Client (existing Internet connection) and / or allocating their own connection, ICOMM developed and implemented a VPN with different degrees of security. Security is ensured by adding advanced equipments, from the firewall or VPN tunnels to establish different levels of access, depending on the rights of each user.
In addition, depending on your needs, we can manage the designing and implementation operation and help you in the priority of different applications and different users.

ICOMM–VPN uses IPSec or SSL to ensure confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the transferred data .

IPSec is a VPN protocol which ensures data security in Internet, including methods for network authentication, encryption and data integrity checking / messages. This type of security protocol will protect the data between your PC and receiver location.

SSL is an encryption protocol that provides secure access between a computer located outside your internal network and a server / computer in the network. This type of access is ideal for companies whose employees work from other place than the office and / or working on the basis of an applications client –server type. .
By implementing the methods of security provided, any client can connect to their network computers from any point in the world, using any type Internet connection.